The Want to v. Have to Paradox

Do you look forward, or with foreboding?

Let me tell you a story…It’s New Years Night and you are watching your final Bowl game of the season, reflecting on a wonderful Holiday Season just completed and family all home in their places.  Does your evening carry with it a sense of looking forward to the week ahead or that sense of dread that many of us feel about going back to our regular routine, or more dreadful to some, going back to work?

How do you look forward to each day, week, or month ahead?  Does it come with a sense of foreboding or does it tempt you to be taking on your current challenge with a vigor that excites you to make optimal contributions or to embrace the next challenge.  You are encountering the “Want to or Have to” Paradox.  This is an environmental issue of your work or team culture, one that either encourages a desire to do your best work or, as most people describe it,  “I just arrive each day and do my job with the sole goal of getting to the next weekend.”  Each of us has a choice with which we can take on our work.  Most leaders would hope that there is a sense of confidence and purpose, excitement about what you plan to do tomorrow knowing that you are a valued contributor to the work and the team’s with whom you do your work.  I would believe any company leader would argue a creative, solution-based discovery process, and a project advancing work environment is significantly better than coming in with a sense of dread that you have to participate and no one really cares what you do.  None of us should want or have to embrace this latter culture.  A person close to me described it simply as

“I want to feel that what I do at work is valued by those whom I impact the most in what I do.”

It is important for leaders and employees to create that value based culture.  So how do we, as individuals, begin a personal journey to the work environment we all want?

Live in the Spirit – Be Contributing!

For many of us this is a personal bridge we have to cross to determine whether we are working to be a better contributor in “my personal life” or “my work/team life.”  I would argue that we all want to embrace the commitment to be in a positive spirit of contribution and achievement so that we can create an environment around us that is “want to” in its approach to our lives. We want to live a super performing life!  It starts with our own personal commitment to the spirit of life we want and expect.  To live and work with a standard of excellence a cut above the rest, embracing what we really want to achieve. In a recent conversation with author Dave Guerra, master of the concept of a Super Performing life, he espouses a very simple place to start living in the spirit is for people to start with asking themselves what it would take to be 10X who I am today?  Can you describe and capture that image for yourself?  He then asks; “How could I live in that Spirit now and every day of my life and work in an environment that supports and is positive in its feedback to my efforts while I support the contributions of my peers in new and exciting ways?  This would be a visionary first step forward to living a life destined to bring  great personal value in what you do and with those with whom you do the workLeader’s who embrace strong value contribution, work to create a team culture destined to achieve more than what you set out to in the first place.  They are creating a revolution in the work environment.  So, commit yourself to identifying your super life as a personal first step.  Describe what value contribution looks like for you!

 Commit to Super Performing Life!

Have you ever asked yourself “What are my superpowers?”  What is it I do that is uniquely me?  Identification of your super powers helps you to move forward to identify how you can contribute in unprecedented ways to those projects and teams with which you participate.  Once done, it is also important to identify those issues and behaviors looking to unseat your superpowers, we call these your “kryptonite.”  Using analytics to compare these two sets of identified powers can help you to see how you can position yourself to be your best you, a Super you!  Through this powerful self-analysis and continued personal coaching you can make a commitment to the kind of change designed to create a powerful and impactful employee, partner, and leader.

Start today with laying the personal groundwork for you to generate a spirit of work which allows you to make your greatest contributions to yourself, your work, and your peers.  Be on the “I want to” side of that Sunday conversation and, more importantly, to live full time in the spirit of a “Super Performing Life.”

Come to to learn more about not only achieving, but exceeding your goals.  Join the Super Performing Life Workshops to grow your future!

Dale Ammon
Superperforming Enterprises
Posted on 2/15/2019

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