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Learning Conference: Super Agile®

Super Agile® initiatives and projects couple Superperformance and Agility to revolutionize customer value.

Superperforming Enterprises, a Digital-Knowledge Company, is pleased to host our third 100% Cloud Blended Conference and our 3rd Annual Super Agile® Conference. Join us for a valuable day of discovery and interaction around Superperformance in the 21st Century.

About this Event


In the business world, across many industries, the rules of the game are changing as fast as they are being created. Many former juggernauts have moved from Great to Gone. In today’s VUCA environment, super focusing on customer value is needed to survive. Super Agile® integrates Living Systems Thinking, Servant Leadership, Agility, and Super ChangeTM to revolutionize customer value.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-Based Learning Conference
  • Five Keynote Speakers
  • Hands-On Breakouts
  • Super ChangeTM Case Studies
  • Network with Professional Colleagues
  • Follow-On Community Membership

About the Conference

Super Agile® is a way to revolutionize customer value. It blends the force multiplier of Agility with the True North of Superperformance. While Agility transforms the speed, flexibility, and innovation of work, Superperformance maximizes long-term value–based on a surprisingly simple fractal pattern. Merging Superperformance and Agility creates something powerful and unprecedented. The product is a new organism, simultaneously disruptive and immutable. Through examples of Super Agile® in action, this highly interactive event will not only explore Super Agile® as a new discipline but also draw from real Super Agile® case studies, practitioners, and participants themselves to discover Super Agile® in action.

Join us online for this first-of-its-kind cloud learning experience. Examine Super Agile® with knowledgeable colleagues. Explore an array of new super stories, case studies, and practice fields in breakouts–designed to produce a powerful appreciation for the potential for Super Agile® while providing a reliable, positive path forward in an increasingly complex world.

What Participants Will Take Away from this Conference:

  • Knowledge for Super Agile®
  • Appreciation for the Scope of the Super Agile® Opportunity
  • Awareness of the Super Agile® Paradox
  • Application of the Super Agile® S-Curve
  • A Super Agile® Plan of Action
  • Eligibility for Super Agile® Master Certification
  • One Copy of Super Agile® Higher Ground by Dave Guerra
  • One Copy of The Super Agile® Workbook

Who Should Attend this Conference

  • CEOs and Senior Executives
  • Chief Strategy Officers and Directors of Strategy
  • Chief Transformation Officers and Directors
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Information Officers and Directors of Digital Transformation
  • Agile Professionals and Practitioners
  • Project Executives and Managers
  • Program Leaders
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Organization Development Directors and Managers

About Super Conferences:

Super Conferences are designed to provide all of the benefits of generic analog conferences at a fraction of the cost, time, and stress. Plenary Speakers and Conference Attendees join from work, home or other preferred location with Internet access. Cloud Super Conferences are highly experiential, offering participants the crowd wisdom of a live community of practice, networking opportunities with fellow attendees and keynote speakers, and hands-on activities in breakouts that are designed to bring the learning alive.

More on Super Agile® Conference

Based on Dave Guerra’s upcoming new book Super Agile®® Higher Ground, this conference will provide a convincing case for broad capability improvement and rapid evolution for organizations and people to thrive in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment that is intensifying every day. Scrum, Agility’s Greyhound, emerged out of a 1986 HBR paper entitled The New, New Product Development Game. In the paper, Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka suggested a product development model based on an accelerated delivery framework leveraging iterative and incremental development cycles, and smaller, self-directed teams.

Since then the Agility movement has grown into a worldwide revolution-raising up mega-giants in the software industry like Google and Amazon but extending into almost every area where projects are undertaken.

A steady-state of Super VUCA has overtaken our consciousness and is driving a growing mental health crisis at work and at home. Super Agility offers a way out of the wilderness of Super VUCA and into the promised land of Superperformance. Super Agility follows the Super Agile® S-Curve, the path to becoming Disruptive and Immutable at the same time.

Explore Case Studies of Super Agility from multiple industries to extract fractal patterns you can leverage for your own project, initiative, or organization. Finally, The dual partners in Super Agile® are Superperformance and Agility. Together these are the “what” of Super Agile®, but what is the “how?” Deeply explore the “One Way” of Super Agile®.


November 7, 2019
1:30 am – 9:30 am CST
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Get in touch

872 Arch Ave.
Chaska, Palo Alto, CA 55318
ph: +1.123.434.965

Work inquiries

ph: +1.321.989.645

Get in touch

872 Arch Ave.
Chaska, Palo Alto, CA 55318
ph: +1.123.434.965

Work inquiries

ph: +1.321.989.645