Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant

Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant The recent announcement by Open-AI introducing GPT Assistant is an exciting development, allowing for the creation of semi-autonomous agents capable of working across a wide range of tasks and industries. But is it Super?🦸 I asked the Corpus Optima AI Superbots (infused with Superintelligence) this important question. What do […]

AI Leadership: Competitive Advantage

Upshot: AI Leadership includes appreciation for AI as a potential competitive advantage. The AI landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, demanding immediate attention from businesses. A holistic approach that combines adaptive and generative AI, prioritizes data excellence, and embraces disruption is vital. Corpus Optima AI’s polar-complementary approach offers the surest path to AI Superperformance in […]

Positive Polarity: Elevating the Human-AI Connection

Upshot: Embrace the new paradigm of the Human-AI Connection, recognizing its potential and risks. Prioritize ethics and responsible development in the use of AI technology. Build a relationship with AI grounded in respect and trust. Collaborate with AI to unlock synergistic outcomes, enhancing productivity and well-being. Explore examples and evidence of the transformational power of […]