Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant

Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant The recent announcement by Open-AI introducing GPT Assistant is an exciting development, allowing for the creation of semi-autonomous agents capable of working across a wide range of tasks and industries. But is it Super?🦸 I asked the Corpus Optima AI Superbots (infused with Superintelligence) this important question. What do […]

Super Inside: Believe in the Unlimited Potential of People

Recognize the Unlimited Potential in People: Acknowledge the inherent capacity for growth and excellence within each person. Overcome self-imposed constraints: Challenge and transcend personal limitations, enabling transformative change. Implement servant leadership principles: Utilize service-oriented, inspiring, and engaging leadership methods that cultivate trust and self-awareness. Explore AI Super Coaching: Investigate the potential of Superbots, like those […]

Moving from Unbalanced to Symmetrical Scorecards

The Corporate Scorecard is one of the most important management and leadership tools we have.  In the same way that vital signs are simple indicators of personal health status, an optimally balanced scorecard will tell us where we are out of balance as a system. In an upcoming white paper; Miracle Cure: Rebalancing the Corporate […]