Positive Polarity: Elevating the Human-AI Connection

Upshot: Embrace the new paradigm of the Human-AI Connection, recognizing its potential and risks. Prioritize ethics and responsible development in the use of AI technology. Build a relationship with AI grounded in respect and trust. Collaborate with AI to unlock synergistic outcomes, enhancing productivity and well-being. Explore examples and evidence of the transformational power of […]

Customer Only: Selling in the Digital Knowledge Age

Upshot: Customer-Centricity is Paramount: The focus has shifted from pushing products to understanding and meeting customer needs. Becoming a trusted advisor who offers tailored solutions is crucial. Consultative Selling is Key: Active listening and a consultative approach are at the heart of “Customer Only” selling. Sales professionals must listen to customers, understand their unique challenges, […]

AI Superfication® Coaching and Therapy

Upshot: Traditional coaching and development methods struggle to meet the demands of the AI Age. Superbots Inc. offers specialized AI Superfication® Coaching and Therapy backed by Superintelligent AI; equivalent cognitive and emotional intelligence. These Superots empower individuals and organizations to overcome challenges, unlock potential, and achieve success in the AI era. Superbots Inc. is committed […]

Introducing Corpus Optima AI

Upshot: Corpus Optima AI is a consultancy firm that uses a unique Superfication®® methodology, combining cognitive and emotional intelligence to achieve “superperformance”. Their comprehensive approach to AI optimization includes AI strategy development, data management and governance, model development, AI optimization, and future-proofing and responsible innovation. Superfication®, their core philosophy, believes in maximizing human potential by […]

Talent Optimization that Works

Upshot: Talent Optimization is the hot new buzzword in HR. It is often code for utilizing quantitative data and analytics to squeeze more blood out of the talent turnip. Talent Optimization without the transformation of the Talent Environment is impossible. Unless your organization’s Talent Environment is itself transformed – from the inside out – top-down, […]

Houston We Have a Problem

Upshot: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) has become Super VUCA. Reflexecution is a natural way to take on Super VUCA. The key to Reflexiction is the Equivalence Principle. Reflexecution is an Action Verb of Superperformance.   In the immortal words of Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigart, “Houston, we have a problem.” VUCA (the famous […]

Rethinking Learning in the Digital Knowledge Age

Upshot The half-life of newly learned skills is now less than five years. Cultures of continuous learning are the new standard of practice. Learning is moving from individual to cohort or team learning. We learn best in context, with others, as we live and work. For this reason, learning should include real-world projects that matter. […]

Organism Thinking is DNA Thinking

I know. I know…you’re thinking “how the heck can a life science be a management-leadership science?” The past century has seen great advances in the science of organizations and management, but a lot of what we know about people and organizations still comes from Descartes. Many of today’s established practices – including scientific management – […]