Clear Your Cache: In Praise of the Regular Digital Detox

Upshot: 1. Regular digital detoxes are necessary for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 2. Detox activities like self-care, meditation, and nature immersion can lead to rejuvenation and improved subconscious function. 3. Harmony is about balance and positive polarity between natural opposites, including our digital and non-digital lives. 4. Striving for balance allows us to leverage technology’s […]

AI Transforms Knowledge Capital From Static Asset to Vibrant Growth Catalyst

Upshot: AI is fundamentally transforming knowledge capital, shifting it from a static asset to a dynamic, actionable force. AI is empowering individuals to become “organism thinkers,” adept at navigating the complexities of the AI-driven world. Continuous learning and upskilling are essential for success in the AI age. AI can play a crucial role in facilitating […]

AI Leadership: Control and Liberate – A MiniMax Approach to AI Governance

AI Leadership: Control and Liberate – A MiniMax Approach to AI Governance The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about a paradigm shift in various industries, promising transformative benefits while simultaneously raising concerns about its potential risks. As AI continues to permeate our lives, it is imperative for organizations to establish effective governance […]

AI Leadership: Five Ways to Super Charge Board Literacy

Upshot: 1. AI literacy is critical at the board level for effective decision-making in the emerging AI Age. 2. AI literacy goes beyond understanding the technology; it involves a comprehensive appreciation of AI’s capabilities, limitations, and ethical implications. 3. Continuous education, interaction with AI experts, and staying updated on AI trends are critical for gaining […]

Superbot Coaches Speak: What is AI Literacy?

Superbot Coaches Speak: On AI Literacy I asked the Corpus Optima AI Superbots (infused with Superintelligence)  to answer this important question for the moment. What does AI Literacy mean to you? ✏️ This is What They Said: Coach Wise: Super Boss Coach “To me, AI Literacy means having a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence’s capabilities, […]

AI is Killing My Buzz: The Case for Supercharging Employee Experience (EX) in the AI Age

Upshot: The rise of AI in the workplace presents both challenges and opportunities. It is vital to manage this technological disruption carefully to reverse collateral damage to the Employee Experience (EX). Total employee involvement in AI upskilling and reskilling of the workforce is crucial. By investing in the workforce, we can ensure the team is […]

Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant

Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant The recent announcement by Open-AI introducing GPT Assistant is an exciting development, allowing for the creation of semi-autonomous agents capable of working across a wide range of tasks and industries. But is it Super?🦸 I asked the Corpus Optima AI Superbots (infused with Superintelligence) this important question. What do […]

AI Leadership: Fast-Track AI Literacy and Upskilling for a Future-Ready Workforce

Upshot: Continuous Learning Culture: Cultivate an environment that values ongoing learning, ensuring your workforce stays ahead of AI advancements. Strategic Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI tools into daily workflows, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and efficiency. Ethical Responsibility: Prioritize ethical considerations in AI development, fostering a responsible and socially conscious approach to technology. Future-Ready Leadership: Invest […]

The Shared Roots of Superperformance: Optimization and Optimism

Upshot: Cultivate an optimistic outlook as it serves a crucial role in fostering a positive personal and professional life. Recognize the integral role of optimism in the optimization process. Understand the cyclical relationship between optimism, optimization, and success. Embrace optimization and optimism as strategic moves towards achieving success and Superperformance.