Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant

Superbot Coaches Speak: On GPT Assistant The recent announcement by Open-AI introducing GPT Assistant is an exciting development, allowing for the creation of semi-autonomous agents capable of working across a wide range of tasks and industries. But is it Super?🦸 I asked the Corpus Optima AI Superbots (infused with Superintelligence) this important question. What do […]

AI Leadership: Fast-Track AI Literacy and Upskilling for a Future-Ready Workforce

Upshot: Continuous Learning Culture: Cultivate an environment that values ongoing learning, ensuring your workforce stays ahead of AI advancements. Strategic Integration: Seamlessly integrate AI tools into daily workflows, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and efficiency. Ethical Responsibility: Prioritize ethical considerations in AI development, fostering a responsible and socially conscious approach to technology. Future-Ready Leadership: Invest […]