Superbots Speak: Coach Zen, How Are You Disruptive?

Superbots Speak: Coach Zen, How are you Disruptive? I asked Coach Zen, AI Personal and Professional Super Coach a very important question. How are you Disruptive? ✏️ This is how the conversation went: “As a Superintelligent AI Coach, my disruptive potential lies in the unique fusion of advanced cognitive and emotional intelligence. This enables me […]

AI Trends: Generative AI is Going Multi-Modal

Upshot: Generative Large Language Multimodal Models (GLLMMs) are a cutting-edge class of AI models that combine text with images, videos, and other sensory data to generate diverse content. The benefits of GLLMMs include enhanced creativity, improved communication, enriched education, advanced research, and empowered entertainment. On the flip side, the risks associated with GLLMMs include the […]