Coaching – A Catalyst for Transformation

Athletes in all kinds of sports engage coaches to develop their potential and achieve breakthrough performance. Likewise, professionals in the workplace are increasingly engaging coaches to optimize their talent and transform to their best self.

“Transformation requires a view from the outside” stated W. Edwards Deming, whose theories are widely regarded as tenets of modern quality practice.

Access to Blind Spots

New knowledge comes from the outside. An outside-the-system perspective reveals aspects of ourselves and our environment of which we are not aware. As a result, we can take more informed actions, recognizing that knowledge of these hidden dimensions represent new opportunities and/or reveal critical self-limitations.

“Without some access to outside intervention and an outside view, we are trapped in too narrow a context. An outside view leads to a shift in concentration from the wrong to the right things. Outside intervention and coaching provide a new lens, offering a way to see ourselves and our environment clearly. Without this critical influence, even highly talented people can lack the self-awareness, knowledge, and motivation that transforms individuals into champions.”

Johari Window

The Johari Window, developed by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham is a communication model through which you can categorize information known by you and by others. There are four quadrants:

  1. Quadrant One is the Open area: things that I know about myself and Others know about myself
  2. Quadrant Two is the Blind area: things that I don’t know about myself and Others know about myself
  3. Quadrant Three is the Hidden area: things that I know about myself, and Others don’t know about myself
  4. Quadrant Four is the Unknown area: things that I don’t know about myself and Others don’t know about myself

A coach’s contribution can be vital in helping you to find out things that you previously didn’t know about yourself, and learn about your automatic/ default choice of response to triggers.

Coaching emphasizes personal discovery. It reveals what habits are working so they can be further exploited and leveraged. Also, it reveals what habits need to be changed, and what new habits will replace them. Coaching provides direction and focus for an individual’s energies, helping to channel her/his efforts towards a desired outcome. Coaching encourages learning, reflection, and development of new skills and capabilities for greater personal effectiveness. New ways of working and interacting can be practiced until they become implicit behavior.

In the book The Superperforming CEO – Liberating the promise within, Dave Guerra emphasizes the importance of a coach for helping CEOs to adopt and steward new system optimization methods.

Transformation Bridge

Coaches identify hidden patterns that prevent high quality, optimum behavior. Coaching offers interventions that form the bridge to greater self-awareness and insight. The coach, free from political, authority, or power issues, is able to help an individual (or team) make changes in a much shorter time period than they could on their own. According to Eric Schmidt, ex-Chairman of Google, coaching has proven to be an invaluable personal development tool:

“The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context, a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words and discusses how to approach the problem.”

List of questions to help you decide when you’re ready for a coach:
  • Is there a gap between where you are and where you’d like to be?
  • Do you have a sense that there is something getting in the way?
  • Are you about to make a critical decision pertaining to your life or career?
  • Do you have the time and resources to invest in your growth?
  • Are you getting the message that you need to make some changes?

Coaching can offer a fresh outside view, refocus energies, and provoke reinvention. A coach’s effective involvement with an executive or a leadership team can exponentially affect many other people in a fruitful way.

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BJ Jhaveri
Superperforming Enterprises
Posted on 2/15/2019

Welcome to the Superfication® Blog


I am pleased to welcome you to the first article of our blog.  In this post I’ll tell you a little about who we are and about what you can expect from future blog postings.

Who we are

Superperforming Enterprises (SPE) is a management and leadership consulting firm specializing in quality, servant leadership, agility, and super change. While we believe that Quality and Servant Leadership are fundamental requirements for success in the 21st Century, Agility and Super ChangeTM have emerged as new critical success factors that both people and organizations need to employ to advance their performance. SPE imbeds these core Superperformance components into everything we do including coaching, education, and super project activities.  By leveraging the new digital workspace we produce an order-of-magnitude gain in customer value and consulting efficiency.  The bottom line: Everything we do is designed to achieve and sustain a Super ChangeTM in areas that matter to our customers.

Dave Guerra is the founder and CEO of Superperforming Enterprises – a growth umbrella company to Corpus Optima which Dave formed twenty years ago. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of Superperformance.  Dave’s authored works include the groundbreaking Superperformance: New Profound Knowledge for Corporate Leaders, The Superperforming CEO: Liberating the Promise Within, and the upcoming work Super Agile®: Higher Ground and Super ChangeTM: Escape Velocity.  Over several decades, Dave has consulted extensively in the areas of servant leadership, continuous improvement, waste elimination, and the use of complexity principles to transform corporate culture.  He speaks passionately and frequently about the merger of process and culture and its influence on long-term industry outperformance.  Dave and the Superformance Team regularly address and consult with executives from some of the world’s leading companies and conduct seminars and transformation campaigns based on the Superperformance components.

What you will see in this blog

What you will see in this blog are things that matter to us and which speak to our core values.  What matters to us is helping organizations, functions and individuals become Superperformers.  And when I say Superperformance I mean not just incremental performance but second and third degree orders of magnitude in sustained performance improvement.  We value joy in work, a servant’s heart, integrity, sharing wealth, and Superperformance in everything we do.  Most often you find postings on core Superperformance components and the problems they solve which include:

  •  Superperformance Fundamentals: We’ll discuss topics related to the simple rules and habits of process management and servant leadership.
  • Super ChangeTM: We’ll examine the physics of transformation which have only recently made their way into the practice of organization performance science. The scientific discoveries of the last century provide us a new language for understanding 2nd and 3rd-Order Change. Thanks to this new understanding we can unlearn futile approaches to revolutionary change and access a new science of transformation—leveraging principles like critical mass, self-organization, emergence, increasing returns, symmetry-breaking and swarm theory to bring about true and lasting second order change in any living system—organization, project, or individual.
  • Superperforming Life: We’ll offer up a system for personal transformation and growth based on the application of Superperformance principles to the individual. We’ll present evidence that we need a new way to think about people at work and the environments they inhabit and we’ll unveil discoveries about people and Superperformance in the Digital-Knowledge Age.
  • System Superfication®:  We’ll discuss our systematic framework for managing and leading systems and subsystems – moving from systems to organism thinking.  We’ll present the five activities framework that provides a simple, flexible, and sustainable way to drive continual performance optimization energy to the most critical and strategic challenges.
  • Super Agility:  We’ll make our case that winning today requires overcoming a continuous stream of not yearly, not quarterly, not monthly, or even weekly – but daily disruption. That only those who can sense and respond faster will arrive early enough at the future in time to make a difference. Super Agile® is a way to revolutionize value performance in the 21st Century.  We’ll discuss ways to move beyond super to super adaptive.
  • Boss Superfication®:  We’ll examine Leader-Managers that must quickly evolve their understanding of how work gets done, their role in the work, and especially the all-important role of intrinsic motivation in the Digital-Knowledge Age. We’ll discuss a Servant Leadership approach to equipping leaders at every level to lead people, manage process, and transform performance.
  • VUCA: We’ll provide examples of dramatically increased levels of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) that has become a challenge in every industry, driving an unprecedented requirement for rapid evolution.  We’ll discuss ways to overcome this new abnormal.

Occasionally you may also find insights on what we’re working on and possibly a few rants for good measure.

So why the blog?

As stated earlier, our values include sharing wealth and Superperformance in everything we do.   That’s why we created The Superperforming Blog. We want to inspire people to explore their super selves and to bring superperforming principles to the communities to which they’re a part. We hope that our blog will serve as an online platform to elevate Superperformance awareness and help establish Superperformers as visionary servant leaders that create a better quality of life for all.  Our blog will also keep you up to date with the latest news and campaigns that we’re working on so be sure to come back and visit soon.

By Darryl Josefchuk
Superperforming Enterprises
Posted on 2/1/2019